maandag 29 maart 2021


An other song by the Mississippi Sheiks"Sitting on top of the world" written by Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon in 1930 and Performed by Peter Lavell in 2021 on Vocals and Guitars

maandag 15 maart 2021

Bootleggers Blues

The Bootleggers Blues by the Mississippi Sheiks and performed by Peter Lavell on Vocals and Guitar , Bass guitar and steel Guitar. The animationsare made by Neil Sanders from Melbourne Australia.
The Mississippi Sheiks were a popular and influential American group of the 1930s. They were notable mostly for playing Country Blues but were adept at many styles of Popular music of the time. They recorded around 70 tracks, primarily in the first half of the 1930s

One foot in the Grave

One foot in the grave performed by Peter Lavell on Guitars and Vocals.
I passed by this old orphanage some years ago on a bike ride in the country, i went inside and it scared the hell out of me. Later I found out it is a famous ghost house in The Netherlands called villa la pommerie or t Hoompje.

The Hoompje monastery was built in 1909. Until 1986, the building functioned as a boarding school for Belgian children with a mental disability. The last nuns left at the end of the eighties. The building became vacant and was placed on the national monument list. Ronnie van de Putte bought the building in 1992. Since then the building has been empty. In recent years, visits from looters, drug users and ghost hunters have taken their toll. The building can no longer withstand storms either. When it stormed at the beginning of March, the Hoompje collapsed a little further. Among other things, the bell from the tower fell

Working on the Railroad

As always we never get payed enough for all the hard work we are doing. A Traditional, called: Working on the Railroad performed by Peter Lavell on Vocals and Guitars


Hand me down my walking cane

Hand me down my walking cane, performed by Peter Lavell on Guitar and Vocals and his brother Pete who is always drunk and obnoxious on Ukulele and Vocals. After the making of this video clip he took of and i haven't seen him since.
"Hand Me Down My Walking Cane" is a song written by African American James A. Bland in 1880
The song has been recorded many times, in a variety of styles including Country, Cajun, Jazz, Mountain, Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, and Acoustic and Electric Blues

Fox on the Run


Here is an other song and a little movie i made. It's called Fox on the run written by Tony Hazzard performed by Peter Lavell on guitars and Vocals . I hope you like it as much as i enjoyed recording it

Living with the Blues

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee wrote this song. It was snowing when i recorded this so here is living with the blues performed by Peter lavell and a walk around the block to see the snow in Amsterdam. As usual i played all Instruments and did the Vocals and had to do the walking all by myself which was a lot of fun as you can see.